Graph-Ex SA for Alfalfa/Clover



Graph-Ex SA™ for ALFALFA/CLOVER contains a specifically formulated blend of Alfalfa/Clover Root Innoculant formulated in a talc graphite carrier.

When it comes to maximum yield advantage plus planter protection, Graph-Ex SA™ is the clear choice.

Maximum Yield Advantage
Graph-Ex SA™ delivers the growth stimulant benefits of the iGET™ Technology plus the nitrogen benefits of our unique proprietary strain of yield-enhancing rhizobia bacteria specifically formulated for Alfalfa and Clover crops.

Guarnteed analysis:  5 billion cfu/gram rhizobia spp. and 1 billion cfu/gram Trichoderma  

One packet treats 100 pounds of seed.

Graph-Ex SA for Alfalfa/Clover
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